a cantata for the retirement of the High Mistress, Elizabeth Diggory, from St Paul's Girls' School

children's chorus (SSA) and youth orchestra (easy)



The words for Time Piece were written by girls in the first year of St Paul's Girls' School, all to do with the notion of time and the perception of its passing. The work was designed for the youngest choirs in the school (ages 11-14) and for the then newly formed St Paul's Girls' School Sinfonia, the first un-auditioned orchestra in the school's history. The piece is dedicated to Elizabeth Diggory, High Mistress of St Paul's Girls' School (1998-2006) who tragically died in 2007, less than a year after her retirement. No. 5 Mountain Heather was performed by the choirs of St Paul's Girls' School at her memorial service in Southwark Cathedral. 

1. Prelude and Clocks - words by Matilda Graham

2. My Footsteps Echo - words by Cecily McIntyre

3. Interruptions - words by Lucy Moss

4. A Fresh Start - words by Rosanna Holdsworth

5. Mountain Heather - words by Emily Lowe

6. The Beginning and End - words by Jamie Voross

7. Time - words by Roberta Barr

First performed 18 July 2006 by the  Junior Choir of St Paul's Girls' School, and the St Paul's Girls' School Sinfonia conducted by Mark Wilderspin,  St Paul's Girls' School, Brook Green, London W6

SSA chorus (2-3 soloists optional) 212asax1/1100/3 perc/timp/harp (or keyboard)/strings