(1991 rev. 94) 

An opera for hundreds of children and the odd grown-up - 60'

Libretto by Marina Warner

Commissioned by The Baylis Programme, English National Opera

News in brought to King Solomon by his high-tech genies of the Queen of Sheba. Many doubt that she is mortal, so King Solomon invites her to visit and tries to trick her. 


Premiere: 10 December 1991: St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London WC1

Director: Lynne Schey

Designer: David Blight

Lighting: Marion Staal & Christine Walton

Conductor: Alec Roth


Keel Watson, Annemarie Sand, Jo-Anne Trevenna, Rebecca Godwin, children from 8 London schools, Gemini Music Ensemble

King Solomon - bass

The Queen of Sheba - mezzo-soprano

Two mothers/ Two dragons - soprano, mezzo-soprano


children's roles

Genies: Satellite Dish, Fax, Telephone, Television, 

Genies of the Ear, Tongue, Nose, Eye & Hand

Courtiers of King Solomon, Courtiers of the Queen of Sheba

Trumpet, 'cello, percussion, organ, piano, harp