Words by Anonymous 



Five songs for SSA choir and string orchestra to anonymous rhymes that includes a reworking of three songs from SMALL TALL STORIES (2003).

Version for SSA choir and piano 4 hands (2018.)

1. I saw

2. What a wonderful bird the frog are

3. The other day I met a bear

4.  A handsome young airman

5. Ye canna shove yer granny

First performed 10 July 2007 by St Paul's Girls' School Senior Choir and Chamber Orchestra c. Mark Wilderspin. St Paul's Girls' School, Brook Green, London W6

Piano 4 hands version: 16 July, St Paul’s Girls’ School Senior Choir with Alexis White and Leigh O’Hara (piano) c. Heidi Pegler. Old South Church, Boston MA.

For SSA choir and string orchestra, or SSA choir and piano 4 hands