~ 70'

Shivereen – noun: shard, fragment (colloquial scottish) 

This miscellaneous book of 35 miniature piano pieces, was written in many countries, mainly the Far East, and over about ten years. It is by no means a through composed cycle and need not be played in printed order. Selection and context are entirely at the whim of the performer these pieces are diverse, arbitrary, doodlings, a piano blog, a diary - contents are alphabetical only.

1. almost all in white

2. artfully air brushed

3. attitude

4. borne on fallen angels wings

5. a bracing constitutional

6. can we have a tango please mr ogawa

7. dancing for daddies

8. the death throes of oleg the wise

9. diminishing returns

10. distant troubadour

11. doodlesack

12. the ecstasy quotient

13. fifth year fandango

14. gakugei-daigaku – full moon with mist

15. heroines of the torah

16. june 21 08 r.i.p. rimsky

17. letter to the other side

18. .....mach tzu sein aigele

19. mock moon

20. moonshine

21. my secret mongolia

22. ninety – love: your serve

23. notte di maschere

24. oblomov

25. on finding, unexpectedly, gustav holst’s gravestone in chichester cathedral

26. on hearing an aria by handle

27. on the ferry from oban

28. on the ferry to oban (with squall)

29. greater things

30. reminiscence of ‘abesalom and eteri’

31. rush hour chorale

32. there are no heroes anymore

33. voice locked in

34. waltz with antimacassar: kiss me....again? 

35. white wings unfurl

Many of the pieces have been premiered by Melvyn Tan, Simon Lebens, and John York