Libretto by Christina Jones

A Children's Opera in three parts for W11 Opera

commissioned for the company’s 40th anniversary

Set in Georgian townhouse in London in the 1920's and 30's, Original Features tells the story of the rise and fall and rise of an artistic bohemian family who are besieged by success, failure, and scheming relatives 


Premiere: 2 December 2011, Riverside Studios, London W6


Conductor: Philip Sunderland  

Director: William Relton

Designer: Neil Irish (sets) Caroline Bronwen Hughes (costumes)

Choreography: Maggie Rawlinson

Lighting: Stephen Ley

William Carrington- an artist

Georgie- his wife

Their children: Crimson, Emerald, Indigo, Amber, Sky, Violet and Ruby

Mrs Hardwick

Her children: Agnes, Edith

Miss Pinchbeck

Charlie and Walter- window cleaners

Cornelia Emily Fitzhamilton

Mary - her companion

Miss Jolly - auctioneer

Mr Pidgeon- banker

Pamela Golden - millionairess

Betty and Mavis - assistants to Miss Golden

Benzine and Thinner - artists' agents

A Butler

A Photographer

Old servants, Staff, Trustees, Executors, Developers, Salvagers, City Gents, Women Racers, Flappers, Psychics, Mothers, Children, Junior Pidgeons, Policemen, Charlie Chaplins, Reporters, Silent Movie Cops

Violin, 'cello, bass, 3 clarinets++, trumpet, harp, piano