a mini opera



Libretto by Christina Jones

Commissioned by Tête-à-Tête Productions, with funds from the Arts Council of England

Kevin, a postman does his rounds on the odd numbers of the street. Initially very friendly with three customers, they confide in him and are, in their different ways, repelled by his lack of insights. They take revenge.

Premiere: March 12, 2002. Bridewell Theatre, Fleet St, London as part of an evening 'Six Pack' by Tétè-a-Tétè


Director: Bill Bankes-Jones

Designer: Tim Meacock

Music Director: Stuart Stratford


Natalie Raybould, Stephen Wallace, Daniel Norman, D'Arcy Bleaker, with Matthew Hunt, Ian Watson, Julian Warburton, Lucy Shaw

Kevin (a postman)-tenor

Sandra- soprano

Stephen- bass-baritone

Clive- counter-tenor

Clarinet + bass cl + alto sax, accordion, percussion, double-bass